Its not a drug, it's a plant.
My Psychology Professor: People who are not depressed see the world they want to see it. People who are depressed see the world the way it actually is.
New pipe! :)

New pipe! :)

We’re all on the pursuit of happiness.
My date for tonight.

My date for tonight.

True Story
Friend: So whats up with that girl you were talking about?
Me: What do you mean?
Friend: Like are you guys together now?
Me: No.
Friend: So she single and she has said before that she likes you more then a friend and you guys have kissed more then once, and nothing else has happened?
Me: Correct.
Friend: You know your her bitch.
Me: Yep...

Oh. My. God. Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Just when I think I’m gunna be okay, I get sober.
Reblog if you smoke a lot of weed.
I decided to be numb to the world, so people can’t hurt me anymore, I feel nothing.